"We provide research and advisory services for private and public sector stakeholders"

Gordon Israel

Lead Consultant for SME Development

We can help by...

  • Providing key policy recommendations
  • Implementing economic and social surveys
  • Analysing large data sets 
  • Conduct studies reviewing specific sectors
  •  Organizing training, workshops and capacity building activities 
  • Establishing consultation mechanisms
  • Raising awareness and influencing strategic decision makers

The small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute a major sector estimated to represent up to 95% of registered companies, 60% of private sector employment and more than 50% of its value-added worldwide. This world champion, often described as the driver of economic innovation and competition as well as the leader in job creation, is yet a colossus with feet of clay. In addition to the typical challenges SMEs face in most developing economies – from the lack of enabling environment to expensive access to finance and poor institutional knowledge networks – the recent global financial crisis has proved to be particularly harmful for SMEs around the world.

SME development has many facets that governments need to take into account when designing and implementing their strategy. It should take the shape of a global policy framework composed of a comprehensive set of measures bearing in mind the importance of SMEs in adding value and the critical issues to be addressed.

Most challenges faced by SMEs being well-known, civil society organizations bring their know-how, human resources and field experience to help SMEs overcome their immediate and most compelling concerns. Their strong local presence is instrumental in mobilizing and gathering SMEs in lobby groups aiming at pressuring policy makers and other stakeholders to take actions supporting their interests.

While SMEs in developing economies suffer enormous challenges, they hold even greater economic potential and the key to untapped business opportunities. The private sector plays a critical role through investing and integrating local companies into global value chains therefore encouraging their growth and access to international markets.

We, at Howe international, are convinced that SME development needs to be at the top of the agenda of key international actors with the objective of shaping a solid grassroots to catalyze the potential of emerging markets. For that reason we provide a wide-ranging list of services to help the private sector, civil society organizations and governments find lasting solutions to ensure SMEs reach their full potential and capacity, therefore truly underpinning a wider, strong and sustainable economic growth. 

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