Teemu Puutio

Project Manager, United Nations ESCAP

"Proven commitment to delivering high-quality written outputs based on independent research into complex issues such as poverty and international relations"

  • Conducting surveys and field research
  • Editing publications
  • Presenting findings at conferences, workshops or board meetings
  • Providing insight into news and current events
  • Coordinating impact assessment surveys

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The internet provides us with access to a wealth of information on every topic known to humankind. A seemingly endless network of blogs, news sites, and opinions can be as overwhelming and hazardous as it is helpful.  

We are here to help you wade through the nonsense by providing detailed yet easily comprehensible research and analysis.  Our experts are recognised in both academia and in the field for their quality outputs.  Whether you need detailed reports and publications or data collection and survey administration services, look no further.  Let our team take it from here.  

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