Breezie Mitchell

Lead Consultant for Public Health

"Ready to work with you in the field or the office to provide public health solutions"

  • Establishing appropriate WASH interventions
  • Providing nutritional advice tailored to specific regions and income levels
  • Advising developing communities on issues affecting people with disabilities
  • Analysing infectious outbreaks 

We can help by...

If we are to achieve our goal of universal opportunity within our lifetime, we need to make effective and affordable health care accessible to all. Setting aside moral considerations, a healthy worker is a productive worker. Increased life expectancy provides greater returns on investments in education. Viewed in this light, universal health care is an economic necessity.  

The benefits are equally apparent on the individual level. Without adequate health coverage, a sick child or relative can deplete hard earned savings. Knowing that illness is a reality, many cautiously save excess income rather than investing it. By removing this burden, we can increase economic freedom among those who need it the most.

The good news is that affordable measures do exist. Expensive technology is helpful, but there are more cost-effective ways of drastically improving health in developing regions. Basic hygiene promotion may not sound exciting, but the results are undeniable.

Our public health consultants are accomplished in both academia and in the field.  We are able to respond to your needs, whatever they may be.  

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