What we do: 

We can help transform your community into a travellers paradise.  Many communities possess skills, knowledge and culture that are becoming a hot commodity, as tourists are increasingly looking for a more "authentic" experience.  

Both start ups as well as existing enterprises can benefit from our experience in successfully helping small scale rural communities connect to the existing international tourism infrastructure.  We provide advice on operations, marketing, networking, social media, creating new revenue streams and perfecting your communities online image.

  • Providing industry research and analysis
  • Implementing pro-poor capacity building projects
  • Negotiating and drafting trade agreements
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Administrating surveys

In 2013 alone, global exports exceeded $17.3 trillion USD according to the WTO. That enormous figure will seem miniscule by the time the process of globalisation is complete. Without the capacity to efficiently enter global supply chains, developing countries risk falling behind.  

The internet has allowed rural communities to connect to the world, but more needs to be done to allow them to connect to global markets. Governments need to develop policies that encourage free trade and help domestic producers compete internationally. The use of geographical indicators is one such way in which governments can boost exports from rural areas.

The NGO community has a role to play by educating rural communities and facilitating transactions. As negotiations for regional trade negotiations enter their final stages, NGOs can advocate for small scale producers to ensure that their needs are considered.  

There is also plenty room for the private sector in the equation. High returns on traditional investments are becoming harder to obtain. Developing markets offer informed investors the opportunity to earn high returns while contributing to global development.

At Howe International we believe that future trade negotiations and regulations need to be designed to benefit those who are currently unable to enter the global economy. 

International trade

Sustainable Tourism

Just as foreigners face difficulties adjusting to foreign business settings, locals often struggle to understand the needs and trends of foreign visitors. Far too often this can result in endless cheap beach bars and unwanted tourism that can harm local communities.

We believe that the tourism industry is in need of a makeover. With the proper assistance, locals and foreigners can cooperate to highlight the many cultural and geographical wonders that make up communities. This can be done without compromising cultural values or their physical environment.

We can help by.....