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"Crowdfunding Conflict" - Reflection on the current state of regulation governing the use of crowdfunding for armed conflict.

Author - Scott Howe

Scott Howe

Lead Consultant for International Law

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Even some academics contend that much of international law is rendered useless by a lack of enforcement capabilities. It may be true that powerful or isolated states may ignore a few rules when it serves their interest, but in the vast majority of situations where international law is applied, decisions are well-observed.  

International law affects us all to a far greater extent than we believe. Sanctions placed against an unruly government may have devastating effects on businesses around the world. New environmental regulations could restrict your ability to complete that ambitious project of yours. International law is much less developed than most domestic legal systems and is therefore changing rapidly.  

We have every reason to believe that international law will take on an increasing regulatory burden in the coming decades. The USA, the world's pre-eminent superpower, is struggling to reduce its deficit. The Obama administration has made it clear that they intend to look to the international community to maintain peace and security. Some analysts predict that emerging powers will push for a return to Westphalian principles. This argument holds some substance; emerging powers will play a key role in shaping the future international system. However, it makes little sense that they would attempt to completely overthrow the system through which they achieved such impressive growth.  

Determining the current state of the law can be difficult; predicting future changes can seem impossible. Don't let your organisation be caught off guard. Let our experts provide you with the information you need to succeed!