Stefano is specialized in advanced analytics and data architecture. He performed analyst work in multiple organizations of prestige covering highly research oriented projects. He has been a research assistant in UN ESCAP in the division Trade and Policy Analysis. During this period, he was involved in the analysis of trade flows of important commodities; his task was to provide macro level evidence of the effects of Economic Land Concessions in South - East Asia and to connect this evidence with on-field research performed by local researchers.

Before, he joined a research project of the GOLDEN, an international network of Universities and researchers on sustainable firms, at Bocconi University where he worked on the companies’ sustainability strategies as well as on the overall database architecture for the data collected by the team.

Currently, he is interested in the application for development purposes of big data strategies and of tools for the analysis big data and machine learning. In terms of topics, Stefano has previously worked in the fields of Environmental economics and International trade. Although he favors these fields, his data analysis skills can be applied to any topic of interest.

Stefano has graduated cum Laude in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University. His analytical skills are accompanied by high proficiency in advanced statistical software, such as Stata and R. In addition, he has knowledge of programming languages and IT issues.

Stefano Zenobi

Lead Consultant for International Trade

Sarah Howe

Lead Consultant for Translation

Vinamra has been working at the United Nations Development Programme since July 2014. He primarily focuses on protected area conservation and provides global support to Policy and Capacity for UNDP National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan Support  (NBSAPs) Projects. He has also worked extensively with UNDP working towards the 6th World Parks Congress in Sydney. As part of the legacy of UNDP from the 6th Worlds Parks Congress, he was responsible for coordinating and interviewing high level delegates to achieve a collection of 71 professionally filmed and edited videos from selected sessions called ParkTalks. He was also responsible for identifying and developing over 100 case studies related to protected areas. This work is accessible at  He also moderates content and populates the NBSAP forum website (

Before joining UNDP Vinamra volunteered as a Marine Protected Area Governance Fellow with RARE Conservation Philippines in 2012 where he Conducted focus group discussions (FGD) with the Management Committee on mapping the advantages and disadvantages of the Marine protected Areas. He also  interacted with the Management Committees of Hambongan MPA, Inabanga, Bohol and Mabaw Reef MPA, and Tagbilaran City, Bohol to assess outcomes of the two years of staging the Pride Campaigns. Vinamra also worked briefly for Zoological Society of London (ZSL) focusing primarily on developing a biodiversity-related climate change reference tool 'An Iterative Reference List of Climate Change, Policy and Related Information', available at:

Vinamra also worked on various other environmental issues such as promoting solar energy within small towns in Vermont and the impact of climate change on high alpine vegetation in Yellowstone National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park with the Colorado Natural Heritage Programme in 2011 and 2012. Vinamra is also a member of United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, United Nations University, Tokyo []


  • University of British Columbia - Bachelor of Arts, French and English
  • University of British Colombia - Bachelor of Education, French

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Vinamra Mathur

Lead Consultant for Environment


  • VanArts Digital Photography Program

The first time Derek picked up a camera he knew that he'd found his calling.  He'd always been artistically adept, but photography provided a medium through which he could express his vision of society in a way that connected with his audience.  In the years that followed, Derek would develop his skills to become a seasoned expert renowned in his industry, leading him down the path to design and video.

Derek first achieved notoriety through his vivid depictions of addiction on Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside. This work was featured on the front page of The Vancouver Sun, the cities pre-eminent news publication.  He further developed his skills working as a nightlife photographer for the Donnelly Group which lead to him being nominated in 2011 for the Nightlife Photographer of the Year award.

Derek currently works with a large market research firm with a large client list. Derek is also a co-owner of the Vancouver branding company Hidden Public. His clients range from the political (NDP Party of Canada) to Rolls Royce and fashion companies such as Naked Underwear and Promise Bridal.  Derek is ready to make your next event or publication stand out by capturing your work in the best light possible.

Derek Atchison

Lead Consultant for Design and Media


  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Master of Science, Public Health in Developing Countries
  • Colorado State University - Bachelor's degree, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Breezie developed a passion for public health while completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University-Fort Collins in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Her quest for knowledge soon led her to rural Kenya where she served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer for 27 months. During her service, her primary task was to organize and conduct sexual education, nutrition and hygiene promotion classes to youth and adult populations in various communities. She also worked on community based WASH, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and neglected tropical disease projects.

The experience in Kenya cemented Breezie's commitment to improving the quality of health care in developing communities.   Her success in the field eventually led to an acceptance offer at the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She jumped at the opportunity to study with the top minds in her field, and enrolled in the Public Health in Developing Countries program.  

While increasing her knowledge of nutrition, the program also allowed her to gain an in depth knowledge of a vast array of public health issues including epidemiology, tropical and environmental health as well as a broader understanding of the economic and social issues affecting developing communities.  For her thesis, Breezie completed a secondary data analysis on the impact of ageing amongst people with physical and intellectual disabilities in India and Cameroon.

Breezie now looks forward to bringing her valuable expertise and uplifting personality to your organisation.

Breezie Mitchell

Lead Consultant for Public Health and Nutrition


  • Masters Degree – European Studies "Business studies of European policies and programmes" (hons)
  • Masters Degree – International Business and Management
  • Bachelor degree – Foreign Languages Applied to Trade and Business (LEA) English - Spanish

Gordon is a young professional with experience in economic development and communication management in multiple organizations. He gained an in depth knowledge of rural and community development while working as a Communication Strategy Consultant in the Environment and Development Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), in Bangkok. While there he led the outreach strategy of an economic development initiative, the Pro-Poor Public-Private Partnership (5P) Project, targeting key private sector investors in the region and providing high-visibility to the project.

Before joining the 5P project, Gordon worked as a consultant in ESCAP’s Trade and Investment Division for two years, which provided him with extensive expertise of SME development. During this time he acted as the project coordinator for various regional events, tasked with bringing together key actors from the business sector in the Asia-Pacific region as well as conducted research on economic development issues. He also acted as a focal point in the coordination of activities of the ESCAP Business Advisory Council (EBAC), a group of senior executives providing business analyses of development issues in the Asia-Pacific region to governments. Prior to this, since 2009, he worked in an advertising agency —, as a communication manager, implementing corporate internal and external communication policies, strategy and guidance.

More recently, Gordon worked on the Myanmar Business Survey (MBS) 2014, which was organized by the United Nations ESCAP, OECD and UMFCCI. The MBS was the first-ever and most comprehensive national survey of businesses in Myanmar. He successfully managed the MBS training workshop designed to report and evaluate the work progress on data collection. Gordon has also contributed to several publications including the two volumes of the OECD Multi-dimensional Review of Myanmar, ARTNeT Working Paper N°142: A New Policy Framework for Myanmar’s SME and the Business for Development paper: Capacity building of SMEs in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Gordon Israël

Managing Partner and Lead Consultant for SME Development

Core group

Sarah Howe

Lead Consultant for Translation

Sarah Howe

Lead Consultant for Translation


  • Bocconi University - Masters of Science, Economics and Social Science - cum laude
  • Bocconi University - Bachelor of Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences


  • United Nations University - Masters Degree, Environmental Governance - Biodiversity
  • University of Manchester - Bachelors Degree, Environmental Science (hons)

Sarah Howe was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After 4.5 years spent travelling around Europe and teaching English in France and Italy, she returned to Vancouver where she now works as a French Immersion teacher. She holds a BA in French and English and a B.Ed in French. Sarah has a great deal of experience with translation in both French and English. She has translated marketing materials, brochures, social media information, and data for various companies.

Sarah's experiences in both the public and private education systems in Europe and Canada have allowed her to develop her skills in curriculum implementation and planning. She is able to assist in planning, assessment, and evaluation of curricula and assist in education development. 

Sarah Howe

Lead Consultant for Translation