Design and Media

We're all subject to subtle prejudices which lead us to make assumptions based on irrelevant information. Appearance can be amongst the most influential factor in the success of a campaign, and many small improvements can yield great returns.

Our design and media services provide you with everything needed to highlight the work of your organisation in all its glory.  Derek Atchison, our Lead Consultant for Design and Media Services, is an internationally acclaimed visionary who has helped some of the worlds biggest entities improve their image.

We offer...

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Kiswahili
  • Kikuyu


Online applications now offer effective and efficient translation services for everyday life. Unfortunately, at this point, they do not provide the industry specific expertise needed to accurately interpret the more specialized vocabulary we use in our professional lives.   

A single mistranslation could undermine years of your efforts if it appears in the wrong place.  Don't take that chance.  Our experts not only possess impeccable language skills, but also have years of experience in the fields of business and development.

  • Writing articles covering your organisation's focus areas
  • Generating film clips and infographics that highlight your contributions
  • Establishing long and short term plans for expanding viewership
  • Providing advice for how to make the most of the interactions you receive

Social Media 

We offer...

  • Photography and Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Photo Editing

In the modern era, information is both freely available and easily promulgated.  The processes and technologies that have enabled the "information revolution" can act as a double-edged sword.  A properly planned, implemented and monitored communications strategy could bring impressive results and lead to rapid growth and exposure.  At the same time, a poorly worded 'tweet' can lead to public vilification.  

At Howe International, we help develop cost effective communications strategies that deliver results.  Our experts are well equipped to assist you through the entire process.  We begin by working with you to identify your "brand" and the message and image you would like to promote.  The next step is to establish a communication strategy reflecting your needs.

Our implementation services include design, photography and videography, translation, content contributions and much more.  

Communication Services

We can help by...

Through our experience we've found that even some of the biggest corporations fail to understand how to grow their business through the use of social media. Far too often, unique visitors are viewed as the measure of success.

Using this logic, it follows that expensive targeted advertising campaigns are be an efficient use of resources. While these campaigns provide some benefits, it is the quality of your content that will keep visitors flocking to your pages. Simply having followers does little to spread your message.  

We believe that targeted posting will be more efficient than targeted advertising in the long run. Naturally growing your base of followers may take time, but nothing will beat the level of interaction these followers bring. You need to become the expert in your field; simply re-posting links adds little value for your customers. A unique visitor provides you with one new view; a single shared article/video/photo can bring in thousands.