Equal opportunity: It is up to each society to determine the acceptable level of income discrepancies needed to encourage hard work and innovation. In our view, equality of opportunity is a more worthy aspiration.  Every individual deserves a chance at economic mobility regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or religious belief 

Cooperation:  The most successful species on earth are ants, termites and humans. What distinguishes these three from the rest is not intelligence or military might but their ability to work together to achieve common goals. If the public, private and NGO sectors increase communication and cooperation, anything is possible.

Transparency:  If the CIA can't prevent all leaks, we probably can't either. So why not make transparency the norm from the start?  

Excellence: We won't take an assignment if we aren't 100% sure we can exceed your standards.  

Where we stand

Core values and beliefs

We believe that cooperation is the best way to overcome obstacles.  Howe International does not compete with NGOs, IGOs or other public institutions.  Quite the contrary, we strive to facilitate collaboration between both the public and private sectors to achieve our results.  Due to uncertainty of funding, geopolitical developments, burdensome workloads and numerous other factors, many in the development sector could derive great benefit from external support.

Howe International can provide all the assistance you need.  We offer in depth research and analysis, event and project management services, advise start-ups, and provide external evaluations for existing projects.  In addition to our advisory services, we offer business and project facilitation services including translation and social media contributions.  If you have a last minute or urgent project, look no further. Contact us today, by tomorrow we'll have our team hard at work to bring you quality results in the time frame you require.  

What we do

The world as we know it is changing in ways few could have predicted. New technology has revolutionized every-day life and presented us with opportunities that were only recently distant dreams. Remote communities can now connect with the social and economic world at large.  

Global society is at a crossroads; it is within our power to raise billions of people out of poverty within a single generation. Yet, if current trends continue, the future could see unprecedented levels of inequality and instability.

At Howe International we believe modern doomsday theorists to be fundamentally misguided. The future is far brighter than alarmists envision. We have a duty - not just as professionals but as global citizens - to ensure opportunity becomes universal in our lifetimes.